Preview of my Fifth Element Book Illustrations.

Did my second pic  from a pencil sketch I did real quick but it turned out nicely in the end. I wanted to make a Rudy pic too but no time really, maybe later =)

Now working on demon-ey things and having a blast =)

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if you think that professor mcgonagall didn’t love james potter then let me just explain to you how wrong you are because among james’ many talents he was really fan-fucking-tastic at two things: quidditch and transfiguration and those just happen to be mcgonagall’s favorite things so guess what he may have been a little shit but he was her little shit and you know she loved every minute of detention she had to chaperone with him

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Assuming all white people are racist, is in fact, racist. And I do not care how you personally define, or what you accept as the definition of racism. Black people judge ME as a white person, by simply ASSUMING i'm racist BECAUSE i'm white. That is just as prejudice. My aunt has four half-black children, and they are beautiful. Race is the last thing on my mind. It is people like you who look for situations to be hateful. Your personality is what's ugly.

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shut the fuck up ain’t shit ugly but my right hook


But she’s right. I’ve been personally attacked for being white AT A MEETING TO END RACISM. Let me tell you guys, racists don’t go to those meetings.

racism sorrynotsorry